Barn Raising Campaign

Help us build new barns

Southern District 4-H Horse Camp asks for your help with a monumental barn raising task to benefit the youth of West Virginia.  Simply stated, we need your help to replace 4, 40-year-old horse barns.  Without your help, the badly dilapidated barns will be unusable in the next year or two.


Southern District 4-H Horse Camp is an annual 4-H horse camp that has been held at Camp Virgil Tate in Charleston, West Virginia, for nearly 40 years.  Children, and their horses, from all over the State of West Virginia attend this week long camp in June of each year to learn how to care for their horses, to improve their riding skills, to experience the West Virginia 4-H summer camping program, and to form lifelong friendships with other youth.


As volunteer staff members of Southern District 4-H Horse Camp, we pride ourselves with providing a low-cost camping experience for our campers to enable children from all economic backgrounds to participate in our program. To this end, we routinely request sponsorship assistance to cover our annual operating expenses, to provide scholarships for our campers, and to pay for repairs needed by the 40-year-old barns that we use for our camp.


Unfortunately, while our camp has been a stable part of summer fun for hundreds of young people for nearly 40 years, the barns that we use for Southern District 4-H Horse Camp have not fared as well.  The 4 wooden barns show unmistakable signs of their age and require constant repairs just to make them safe enough to use for camp each year.  In recent years, we have had to close one barn completely due to safety concerns, which closure means that we also have had to turn away approximately 15 campers per year because we simply do not have the stall space for their horses.  The barns are also plagued with groundwater problems which require the demolition of all 4 barns so that these problems can be fixed before new barns are built.  The total cost for demolition, water drainage work, and new barn construction is approximately $250,000.


We know that this is a difficult time for many.  However, we remain hopeful in the new year that, board by board and stall by stall, we will receive the support we need to build new barns to ensure that Southern District 4-H Horse Camp can continue to provide camping opportunities to our youth for another 40 years.


SDHC Barn Raising Campaign Brochure